Woolman Oy invests in growth – Midinvest and two other investors join as partners

Woolman Oy has received three investors as partners. Woolman, the largest Shopify agency in the EU territory, receives a 1.2 million euro investment from Midinvest Management Ltd’s fund, from Gorilla Capital’s fund and from Reaktor Innovations Oy.

Woolman helps European brands succeed in global commerce, especially in the direct-to-consumer business. Solutions in commerce and financial management utilized by brands serve the best-known global SaaS platforms, Shopify and NetSuite.

Over three years Woolman has helped establish hundreds of online stores and grow their sales – from SMEs to global brands with a billion euros in net sales. The company has also developed proprietary SaaS products for logistics in online commerce. Other partners also make use of Woolman’s product development expertise.

Online commerce has seen and will see intense growth. “These days 15% of our business operations come from outside Finland and investments are directed at international sales and marketing, recruitment of new specialists and development of the SaaS business”, says CEO Juha Harju.

“We at Midinvest have monitored Woolman’s development for a long time and are extremely pleased that these investments help enable the company to grow and become even more international. We believe in the capability of Woolman’s team to raise business operations to a new level”, states Jukka-Pekka Nikula.

Further information:

Jukka-Pekka Nikula, Managing Director, Midinvest Management Ltd, tel. +358 50 539 9378

Midinvest Ltd is a private equity fund managed by Midinvest Management Ltd. The fund was established in 1994 and, throughout its history has invested 20 million euros in over 70 companies in Central Finland in their early and later stages of development.

Woolman Oy is the largest Shopify Plus agency in the territory of the European Union. Woolman has more than 50 employees in three countries and will have net sales of more than 3 million euros this year. Woolman’s customers include Nanso, Pentik, Kalevala Koru, QT, Vallila, and Gugguu.