Requirements for potential investees

  • Potential for value creation

  • Considerable growth potential either organically or through acquisitions or internationalisation

  • Own products or services

  • An experienced, entrepreneur-driven and committed management

  • In early growth state companies, we expect that the first customer must already be in view

Current investments

3D Formtech Oy -logo

3D Formtech Oy

Industrial 3D printing

Invested: 2019 | Website

Aiwo Digital Oy -logo

Aiwo Digital Oy

AI solutions

Invested: 2019 | Website

Biopsense Oy logo

BiopSense Oy

Solutions and services for biopsy monitoring

Invested: 2024 | Website

C2 SmartLight Oy -logo

C2 SmartLight Oy

Solutions and Services for Mobile-based Command, Control and Information Systems for Lighting

Invested: 2008 | Website

Howspace Oy -logo

Howspace Oy

Solutions and Services for Mobile-based Command, Control and Information Systems for Lighting

Invested: 2008 | Website

Suomen KotiData Oy -logo

Suomen KotiData Oy

IT Support services for households and small companies

Invested: 2014 | Website

Lumo Analytics -logo

Lumo Analytics

Analysis technology for mineral exploration and mining industry

Invested: 2021 | Website

Nordic Drones Oy -logo

Nordic Drones Oy

Drones for professional applications

Invested: 2020 | Website

Polarmatic Oy -logo

Polarmatic Oy

Heating systems and process automation for concrete industry

Invested: 2007 | Website

Puuppolan Suksi Oy -logo

Puuppolan Suksi

Skis and boards

Invested: 2022 | Website

Sleipner Group Oy -logo

Sleipner Group Oy

Excavators and front shovels

Invested: 2016 | Website

Stafix Oy -logo

Stafix Oy

High-tech Printing Materials

Invested: 2008 | Website

Secapp -logo


Critical communications and alerting SaaS platform

Invested: 2021 | Website

Skandino -logo


Tableware made of bio-based materials

Invested: 2023 | Website

Weeefiner Oy -logo


Water treatment method to recover dissolved materials from water streams

Invested: 2022 | Website

Woolman -logo


eCommerce solutions

Invested: 2020 | Website

Exited investments

CompanyExited (after 2012)
Rotomon Oy2022
Tridify Oy2022
Oviku Oy2021
Ficote Oy2021
Valttori Oy2020
Ficonic Solutions Oy2020
Pisla Oy2020
Seewide Service Oy2018
Metacase Consulting Oy2017
Kesmex Oy2017
Ecore Oy2017
Flaaming Oy2017
JyNet Oy2017
Silenta Group Oy2016
Kilosoft Oy2015
A-Lab Oy2015
Inka Oy2015
Relicomp Oy2014
Energiakolmio Oy2014
Paytrail Oyj2014
Tampulping Oy2013
Aidon Oy2013
Greenvironment Oy2013
Kaluste-Projektit Oy2013
Soikea Solutions Oy2013
Tikomet Oy2013