In close cooperation

We offer more than just a source of finance. Our goal is the profitable growth of our portfolio companies. We work closely with our portfolio companies and their management to create long-term growth and improve profitability. The growth can happen both organically and through acquisitions.

We also offer our portfolio companies many kinds of expertise through our wide network. We co-operate with the region’s entrepreneurs, organisations, banks and other financiers.

We are not permanent shareholders in any of our target companies. Our exit strategy is to withdraw within 3-7 years, for example, through the trade sale or the sale to another private equity investor.

Responsible investing

Responsibility – the consideration of Environmental, Social and Governance factors – has an ever-growing importance in business.

In private equity and the venture capital sector, the EU Sustainable Finance Regulation applies to alternative investment fund managers.

In its portfolio companies, Midinvest is a minority shareholder. By acting as an active member on board of directors, Midinvest aims to contribute to the enhancement of responsible and sustainable operations of each portfolio company.

The portfolio companies of Midinvest are unlisted micro and small enterprises operating in Finland. The sustainability factors vary between companies. Similarly, the risks arising from these factors are different depending on the substance and the scale of each business.

A sustainability risk is an environmental, social or governance (ESG) event or condition that, if it occurs, could cause an actual or a potential material negative impact on the value of an investment.

Sustainability factors mean aspects related to the environment, society and employees, respect for human rights, and issues relating to the prevention of bribery and corruption.

SFDR Disclosure

We are a member of the Finnish Venture Capital Association and registered with the Financial Services Authority in compliance with the law on Alternative Investment Fund Managers (162/2013).

In reporting and valuation, we follow international industry standards and guidelines.

Funds and investors

Investors in our funds include leading Finnish institutional investors.

Midinvest Oy1994 –10 MEURFocuses on Central Finland
Midinvest Fund II Ky2006 –27 MEUROperates nationally
Midinvest Fund PH I Ky2005 – 20198 MEURPäijät-Häme
Midinvest Fund I Ky2001 – 201513 MEUROperated nationally
Midinvest Fund KSV Ky2003 – 20153 MEURCentral Finland
Midinvest Fund YPY I Ky2003 – 20153 MEURYlä-Pirkanmaa and Keuruu subregions
JyväsSeed Fund Oy2004 – 20153 MEURCentral Finland