Start-up world’s newcomer Humap Software has received a growth investment of almost 1.3 million euros. To support the growth and internationalization there are nine business angels, experienced consulting and software field entrepreneurs. In addition, there is the University of Jyväskylä’s investment fund UniFund and Midinvest.

Part of the funding pot comes from the funding agency Tekes, which granted Humap Software almost 600 000 euros to boost growth.

– We want to support the revolution in organization life and the consulting business, to make digitalization a part of the organizations’ practices and increase the effectiveness of both development and consulting work, clarifies the CEO of Humap Software, Ilkka Mäkitalo.

– I am very impressed and excited that the investors stand behind us. There are eight experienced software and consulting field entrepreneurs who have all created their own success stories and now want to join us by supporting the REAL success.

Mäkitalo is also known as the conductor of the Finnish Champion-title-carrying Jyväskylä Big Band.

The international flagship product of organization development and consulting, REAL, supports change and strategy work, corporate arrangements, structural changes, commitment, and building cooperation. The exact challenges which organizations are currently struggling with.

The company has accumulated industry expertise from as early as the mid-1990s. Now facing the globe, REAL has been created to meet the needs of organization development, which have been noticed throughout everyday work.

An angel investor, Chairman of Humap Software’s Board of Directors, Juha Harju, is impressed by the possibilities of the tool and the team.

– REAL has it all. A stunning team, an evolving product that already globally solves customers’ problems, and enthusiastic customers. Product developers and builders have themselves been in the business and work, the problems and quality of which the product improves, says Harju.

– REAL corresponds exactly to the needs that exist in the field. In addition, it can be easily put into use and the benefits can be experienced immediately.

According to a recent market analysis, Humap Software has a unique product in their hands. An equivalent solution to expert services’ digitalization cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

– REAL does not have an actual competitor. Other digital solutions are either very limited or generic. The closest competitors represent instant messaging or document management, but these lack the idea of cooperation: working together and building a shared direction, says Mäkitalo.

A newcomer in the start-up scene, REAL is currently in use in over 10 countries (including, among others, the Nordic countries, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, and the United States). The over 100 clients of Humap Software are using REAL in over 1000 development processes in total.

Angel investors behind Humap Software are Jussi Heimonen, Lennu Keinänen, Pasi Valoranta, Tomi Hilvo, Seppo Sneck, Juha Harju, Markus Laurio, Tuomo Falck and TakeOff Partners’ Markko Vaarnas.

Humap Software is a spin-off company of Humap Ltd. The group owns 50% of Humap Software. In the year 2016, Humap Software’s revenue was around 625 000 euros. Currently there are 13 employees working for the company in Finland, Sweden, and Australia.

More information:

Hanna Liimatainen
+358 40 737 1039

Ilkka Mäkitalo
+358 50 558 6648

Juha Harju,
Chairman of the Board
+358 50 440 8008